School keeps you busy – let us take one headache off your plate.


Students and their families face a dizzying array of scattered content and information. SchoolBinder helps schools control the noise and creates an environment for their students and families to engage, communicate, discover, and succeed.

Information at your fingertips

We organize your school information into one inutitive interface, right in your pocket.


School-wide announcements, reminders, and information with notifications to make sure you don’t miss anything important.


From the school calendar to learning platforms to athletic forms, all the links students and their families need most.

Social Feed

Your school’s social media feed with pictures, stories, and more by the students, for the students.


Quick, easy, and safe team communication, including announcements, mini chats, and the ability to communicate directly with your group advisors. 


Enjoy promotions from local businesses while you support the places that are giving back to your school.

Made for the whole family

We know you have family (and friends) at multiple schools. We make it easy to stay up-to-date with all of them. At home or on the go, elementary or high school, we’ve got you covered.

Example of how to switch between schools

Designed with you in mind

We understand how essential a good user experience is, so we’ve worked hard to create features with a design everyone will love. But we’re focused on taking it a step further, creating not only a good user experience, but also a safe and inclusive one. We’ve built in a secondary language option, worked closely with internet safety groups, and have structured our platform differently than other communication or social media platforms, all to ensure the best possible experience for you.  

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