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Let’s revolutionize the way you communicate with your students

Easily manage content


We’ve made it simple to stay on top of posting announcements. Go ahead and create a month’s worth at a time and then set a start and end date to have them post when you need without giving it another thought. Easily accommodate your ESL students using our secondary language input, and send push notifications to ensure that none of your essential communications get missed.

With our intuitive admin dashboard, you can quickly access all your content, and posting or approving content is just a flew simple clicks.

Example of admin dashboard

View only, eg. students and parents


Able to create posts for the social feed, eg. student body officers and yearbook staff


Create and approve posts for the social feed and be group advisors, eg. teachers


Full access with ability to post and manage all content, eg. office staff

student contributions + controlled content

Making role management a breeze


A school’s social feed thrives if it is not only for the students, but also by the students. That’s why we make it easy to give limited access to select students so they can contribute and keep students engaged.

However, we know it’s important for the school to control content, so nothing posts until approved by a moderator.

Group communication focused on safety


It’s time to take back control of group communication.

With our innovative design, schools can keep all their groups in one location, instead of spread across multiple communication apps out of their control. Using group announcements advisors can post content to the group, they can create mini chats with select members of the group for smaller discussions, and direct messages allows a group member to start a chat that includes all the group advisors. By not having members post to the group and by keeping group members’ information private, we avoid the safety concerns of other communication tools. In addition, by allowing all school moderators access to view group messages, we ensure that conversations taking place between students and advisors are never hidden in the dark, helping prevent inappropriate situations. Good communication is essential for teams and clubs, and we are on a mission to make it as safe as possible. 


Increase in funds raised

Fuel your fundraising


Witness the power of bringing your school together.

There is power in numbers, and there is power in being able to bring your school together for a common goal. One school raising money with their annual 5K used SchoolBinder to send announcements and notifications about the fundraiser, keep everyone updated on the progress, and make donating simple by including a direct link to the donation page. With this simple tool, the school community not only knew about the fundraiser, but knew how to quickly donate. The result? Instead of their usual $15,000 they raised an astounding $35,000, a 133% increase!


We are thrilled to have a one-stop shop for all of our school’s communication needs! SchoolBinder is super easy to navigate, saves time for both those posting and those seeking information, and completely removes concerns about unsafe sharing in today’s virtual world. The platform was created with lots of input and collaboration from schools in order to provide a space that fits exactly what we need. We love SchoolBinder!

-Cynthia, Principal at Mount Ogden Junior High



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