Collaboration with the Davis Catalyst Center

SchoolBinder has been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with students from the Davis School District and Catalyst Center as an industry partner since their opening in February 2022. The Catalyst Center is part of the nationally recognized CAPS Network (Center for Advanced Professional Studies). CAPS students fast forward to their future careers, becoming fully immersed in professional culture.  They develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills by working in collaborative groups to complete real-world projects while being mentored by industry partners.

After pitching SchoolBinder to the Marketing, Sales and Entrepreneurship class, two excellent students were selected to partner with us.  Our partner students have worked side by side with us to build SchoolBinder within the Catalyst Center, develop sales and marketing strategies, and introduce the product to nearby schools.

Recently the Catalyst Center and one of our partner students were featured in a KSL article “How ‘state-of-the-art’ Davis Catalyst Center is providing students with unique opportunities.” 

We have been very impressed by the professionalism, work ethic, and innovative thinking of our partner students and look forward to partnering with the Catalyst Center and their students in the future. 

SchoolBinder Founder with our two partner students.



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