About Us

Who we are and why we do what we do.

SchoolBinder started as simply a better way to connect with students and parents – a way to have school information at your fingertips without digging through a website or trying to find an email lost in an inbox. Knowing parents and students don’t read emails or, oftentimes, texts; armed with research about the dangers of current social media; and wanting to find a way to truly engage the students, we set to work creating something unique.

Once we started spreading the word about how we are different, stories started pouring in about children whose private information had been shared on school social media, and parents whose bickering on team communication apps caused serious problems. As we realized the magnitude of the problem facing schools, parents, and students, we became passionate advocates for not only offering a safe solution to schools, but also providing training on safe online communication – because we’re parents, too. 



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